Term and Condition

Conditions of Membership

Borrowing Toys

Up to 3 toys may be borrowed (per child) for a two week period. As we do not issue membership cards, you may be asked to present a form of ID at the time of issue.

All toys must be checked by the member borrowing them before they leave the Toy Library. As soon as the toys leave the Toy Library they become your responsibility and you will be charged for any missing or broken pieces upon return of the toy.

All members are required to check that toys are complete and cleaned prior to returning them to the toy library. Do not let your child play with the boxes or bags in which the toys are packaged.

We do our best to ensure that a good range of toys in the best possible condition are available for your child’s use. Please take care of the toys and bring them back intact and clean.


Hire Fee

There are no hire fees to rent toys from Otorohanga Toy Library. 


Missing Pieces

A fine of $5 per missing piece of a toy will be charged. If a piece is subsequently found and returned, a refund of $3 will be given. If a missing piece has not been found within 4 weeks a decision will be made by the Toy Library committee as to whether there will be an additional charge for replacement of the missing piece.  If a piece is lost that renders the toy no longer useable by the Toy Library, the committee may ask you to contribute towards the cost of the toy, depending on the age of the toy. Please note that toy boxes and bags not returned with the toy are counted as missing pieces.


Broken Pieces

A fine of $5 per broken piece of a toy will be charged. Do not repair broken toys. Each toy is assessed for its suitability and has to comply with safety standards. The $5 fee will still be charged for repaired pieces.  If a toy is broken that renders the toy no longer useable by the Toy Library, the committee may ask you to meet us towards the cost of the toy, depending on the age of the toy. Please note that toy boxes and bags are included in this policy.


Overdue Charges

1 week: 1 x Toy rental
2 weeks: 2 x Toy rental
3 weeks: 3 x Toy rental plus $3
4 weeks: 4 x Toy rental plus $4
5 weeks: 5 x Toy rental plus $5

Over 6 weeks overdue: the membership will be cancelled and toys may be collected by an agency.


Health and Safety

We are committed to our responsibility to proactively identify and manage all health and safety risks by taking all reasonable, practicable steps to provide safe equipment that is maintained to an acceptable and safe standard.

Our members have a prime responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety while using our equipment and report any incidents that occur while using the equipment.

  • Please do not bring sick children into the Toy Library.
  • Please ensure that all toys are returned in a clean state, particularly if your household has had any particular infectious conditions.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to ensure the appropriate toys are chosen for children. Where a family comprises children both over and under the appropriate age for the toy, the member must supervise and protect those under the appropriate age for the toy whilst the toy is in use.
  • We do not supply any helmets or other safety equipment, please ensure you use the appropriate gear for the toys that are issued.
  • It is our aim to provide and promote the safe use of toys. Please let us know of any safety concerns you may have about a toy. The Otorohanga Toy Library is not responsible for any damage to persons or property caused during the use of toy library property.
  • Please supervise your children while at the toy library.
  • Please check the condition of the toys when you borrow them. If a toy is in a broken, damaged or unsafe condition, please inform the Librarian as soon as possible.