Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?

An annual membership is $45 and we also have a special grandparent's membership of $20.

How much is toy hire?

We are happy to announce that we have NO HIRE FEES, we will be saying goodbye to our toy hire fees - So that means you only need to pay the annual fee to enjoy FREE TOY HIRE while you are signed up with us. 

What happens if I lose or break a toy?

A fine of $5 per missing or broken piece of a toy will be charged. If a piece is subsequently found and returned, a refund of $3 will be given. If a missing piece has not been found within 4 weeks a decision will be made by the Toy Library committee as to whether there will be an additional charge for replacement of the missing piece.  If a piece is lost that renders the toy no longer useable by the Toy Library, or the toy is broken, the committee may ask you to contribute towards the cost of the toy, depending on the age of the toy. Please note that toy boxes and bags not returned with the toy are counted as missing pieces.